Bobby never missed a dose thanks to Polaris Pharmacy

  • Post published:January 21, 2022
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Bobby, a 38-year-old man, living in a remote area of Texas, was on week eight of his hepatitis C treatment and seeing positive results. His prescription plan required that his previous fill comes from an in-network pharmacy; however, that pharmacy failed to reach out to Bobby to schedule his delivery.  He realized that he took his last pill early Saturday evening and urgently needed his refill. He quickly called his preferred pharmacy, Polaris Pharmacy Services, seeking help.
George Gitau, VP of Operations, Specialty Division, was working in the pharmacy that day and took Bobby’s call. George knew he would have to act fast to help Bobby avoid missing a critical dose of his medication, so he called in a backup pharmacist to cover for him, filled Bobby’s prescription, and jumped in his car to hand-deliver the medication to the last flight out of LAX that evening.
The medication was transported via commercial airline to DFW overnight, where a regional sales representative for Polaris was able to pick it up. She then drove 1.5 hours to Bobby’s house and hand-delivered his medication.  Bobby never missed a dose.