Polaris Pharmacy Services distributing Gammacore through a limited specialty pharmacy network selected by Electrocore, INC.

You are currently viewing Polaris Pharmacy Services distributing Gammacore through a limited specialty pharmacy network selected by Electrocore, INC.

Baldwin Park, CA – Since July 2017, Polaris Pharmacy Services has been part of a group of specialty pharmacies selected by electroCore, Inc. to dispense a non-invasive vagus nerve stimulator known as GAMMACORE. GAMMACORE is used to relieve symptoms of cluster and migraine headaches in adult patients. Polaris Pharmacy Services is part of a limited network of specialty pharmacies that provides GAMMACORE to patients suffering from the painful symptoms of cluster and migraine headaches.

 Cluster and migraine headaches are among the most painful forms of a wide range of headaches and can be very difficult to deal with. Both of these headaches are fairly common; migraines affect over 3 million Americans every year, while cluster headaches affect over 200,000 Americans. However, cluster headaches are very different than migraines. Clusters affect one side of the head and often come in the form of an attack followed by a long period of relief. There are usually symptoms such as a runny nose or irritated eyes. Migraines, on the other hand, are characterized by a throbbing or pulse, accompanied by nausea and a sensitivity to light and sound. Migraines can be very long-lasting and hard to control.

 The vagus nerve is one of the important highways of communication between the brain and the rest of the body. This nerve plays an important role in pain regulation, especially with cluster and migraine headaches. GAMMACORE is a device that stimulates this nerve to block the nerve from sending pain signals to the brain. GAMMACORE works unlike other treatments because it sends electric pulses from the outside of the body straight to the nerve, rather than using drugs to react chemically within the body. This means that GAMMACORE can be used in conjunction with other medications, without worries of adverse reactions or the need to put other medications on hold. GAMMACORE is typically used twice a day, with 3 stimulations for each treatment.

 GAMMACORE avoids drug-like side effects associated with traditional injections, pills, or inhalers by treating cluster headaches and migraine headaches with gentle electrical stimulations outside of the body. In clinical studies, there were significantly higher response rates in patients with GAMMACORE than those with a placebo for treatment for cluster headaches. In addition, in patients with episodic cluster headaches, about half found GAMMACORE to be pain free.

 GAMMACORE is unlike other prescriptions because some plans consider it a medical benefit while others consider it a pharmacy benefit. GAMMACORE is an electronic treatment that requires a prescription, which is activated by the pharmacy with a patient specific authorization code, and then sent to the patient by the pharmacy. The refill is delivered through a radio-frequency identification (RFID) card, much like a credit card or an electronic key. Because GAMMACORE is rechargeable, the device can be used for multiple years, as long as the prescription is filled every month. GAMMACORE is unique because it has been integrated as a medical benefit and a pharmacy benefit 

 Polaris Pharmacy is proud to offer GAMMACORE as a treatment for patients with cluster headaches and migraines. With our excellent patient-oriented customer service team, Polaris Pharmacy Services aims to ensure patients receive the best therapy solutions while enjoying our timely and expedited delivery services.

 About Polaris Pharmacy Services  

Polaris Pharmacy Services is Southern California’s largest independent long-term care and specialty pharmacy, with satellite locations in Arizona, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.  Polaris Pharmacy Services is specialty pharmacy accredited by URAC, ACHC, and The Compliance Team and safe internet pharmacy practice site accredited by NABP VIPPS. The company offers clinical management nationwide, utilizing strategies that promote optimal outcomes for persons enduring debilitating diseases while delivering industry-leading patient care with integrity, compassion, and excellence. Polaris Pharmacy Services opened in 2006 as a long-term care pharmacy with one mission, “do everything for every patient every day.”  To this day, that mission continues- Polaris Pharmacy Services works around the clock to provide patient centric support and care.